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Welcome by SalesVu

A salon and spa business management app
designed to boost profits and reduce
operational costs. The app runs on an iPad,
and syncs seamlessly with your Square Terminal.
Welcome by SalesVu Connect now
Increase sales and position your salon
or spa for growth and efficiency
  • Welcome by SalesVu is a fully-featured management app
    for salons and spas that maximizes profits and lowers
  • Your clients can book appointments, or buy merchandise
    from your custom‐branded website or mobile app.
  • Your team can schedule clients, track commissions, and
    increase sales across locations with SalesVu's all-in-one

Key Features
  • Easily sell appointments, packages or physical
    products and process payments onsite or online.
  • Create and manage appointments, quickly check-in
    or lookup customers and manage walk-in clients.
  • Create and manage appointments, quickly check-in or
    lookup customers and accommodate walk-in clients.
  • Enable new revenue streams with online bookings,
    and product sales from your branded website, app
    or on social channels.
Key Features

Top benefits

Grow revenue
Optimize schedules and manage your
physical space to grow your business.
Sell everything
Easily sell bookings, packages or physical
products, and manage it all in one place.
Retain clients
Curate the right kinds of offers and keep
clients coming back over and over again.
Save money
Streamline every aspect of your business
reducing costs and saving precious time.

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