SalesVu's Premium Cloud is here and packed with powerful new tools to increase sales and reduce costs.
Quickbooks + SalesVu
SalesVu's all-in-one profit-boosting solution for POS,
Kiosk and Online ordering integrates directly with
QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
Increase profits and save
hours on bookkeeping
No matter your industry-restaurant, bar, retail,
subscription, or service-this extension will
reduce your back office workload.

Integrating SalesVu and QuickBooks streamlines
business data management and ensures complete
consistency across.

The SalesVu extension enables you to easily sync
orders, payments, tax, and product data from
multiple sales channels directly into QuickBooks.
Key Features
Saves you endless hours of bookkeeping and
manual data entry as SalesVu automatically syncs
orders, transactions, invoices, and payments,
including categories,line items, multiple tax
brackets, and customer information.

Automatically transfer any transaction captured in
SalesVu to Quick Books in real-time without manual

Multi-location support lets you configure and
connect different locations with each QuickBooks
Grow revenue
Optimize schedules and
manage your physical space
to grow your business.
Sell everything
Bookings, food, drink or physical
products, any transaction
auto-syncs to Quickbooks.
Manage data
Manage data with precision
accuracy and reduce manual
booking-keeping errors.
Save money
Streamline the tedious aspects of
back-office work and save hours
of data-entry.
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