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SalesVu + Tessitura
The double act that brings you
everything you need to grow your
revenue, save time, and reduce costs.
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Make your member
experience a show-stopper
SalesVu solutions seamlessly integrate with Tessitura
so that membership perks and discounts are applied
automatically throughout your member's visit.
Tailor the software to your
business, not the other way around
Our solutions are designed to be easily configured
and personalized for different membership levels.
Scale up your operations with
6 different ways to place orders.
Running an event space
is anything but simple.
With SalesVu, you can do it backwards and in heels.
- Get events up and running in no time.
Allocate and transfer inventory from the warehouse,
add gig-workers on the fly, give special permissions
for tasks like discounting or editing orders, create
dynamic product menus that update automatically for
each event.
- Busy night?
With our POS, adding additional terminals
is as easy as powering on another iPad.
- Streamline Kitchen/bar management.
Have multiple food and drink stations? Configure
your POS to automatically divide tickets and send
items to the appropriate kitchen/bar stations for
- Easily manage billing
for Employee/department meal plans.
Create "house accounts" to capture payments from
different internal departments or specific types of
Manage dozens of revenue centers
with the same ease as managing one.
Fast, simple setup so that your
operations don't miss a beat.
Onboarding, without the headache. Our team will migrate all
your data over for you and provide the support you need to
get up and running without disruption to your business.

No need to lose the existing tools you love. We integrate with
your favorite marketplaces and payment platforms so you can
scale up without changing what works.

Sync all your tools and manage them through your SalesVu
web portal.
No specialized
hardware required.
There's no need to get locked into a contract
or buy expensive proprietary equipment.
SalesVu runs on standard off-the-shelf devices,
so you can use what you already have and
enjoy the flexibility to repurpose devices anytime.
We integrate with your favorite software
Take payments with your preferred payment provider, sync contacts
with your CRM, eliminate manual data entry to accounting software and more.
We've partnered up to help you get even
more value from your Square Register.
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POS software provider SalesVu introduces
integration with the Tessitura platform.
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PayPal Commerce Platform offers what you
need to run your business and help it grow.
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We currently integrate with QuickBooks
online and desktop (PC).
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Online accounting software that manages
your business and helps you work
collectively across departments.
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iZettle is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge
commerce tools.
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Our support team
is here for you.
SalesVu is more than a software solution,
we are your IT pit crew.

Let us handle onboarding, data migration,
and system integration for you free of charge.
See what our customers
are saying about us.
We chose SalesVu because of its integration with the Tessitura Ticketing System. I was amazed at how easy it was to configure and train employees on how to use their POS. We are also using their Kiosk OrderUp App for Box Seat Orders. All in all, SalesVu is a great product with even better support when needed. Highly recommend this product.
James Malagese
Our initial attraction to SalesVu was its mobility and scalability. As a major presenting arts organization, we have an ever-changing range of needs across our venues, events and festivals and we were searching for one system that would allow us to capture both concessions and merchandise sales with an easy to learn interface for part-time/seasonal employees.
Cultural Trust
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